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Resume Writing Terms

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Resume Writing Terms-by Jason Stauffacher
Having a well-written resume is vital in any job market. It can make the difference between getting an interview or not. With so much competition for openings, you need a resume that sets you apart from the other candidates. Below are some terms that can help you achieve that goal.
Reverse Chronological Resume – Outlines a person’s job history, starting from the current or latest position and working backwards. The flaw in this type is that it is easy to spot long periods of unemployment.

Functional Resume – This type is arranged by job function instead of by year. This allows potential employers to focus on the skills you have aquired throughout the years.

Template – Many people write their own resume and cover letter. A template can help you achieve a professional-looking resume. This is an example of how a resume should be designed. These samples can be found online and are often specialized for specific positions. It is important to remember that some templates are only examples, not outlines. To make the most of your resume, the samples should be tweaked to fit you personally.

Cover Letter – This is usually a mandatory addition to a resume, especially when you apply for higher level employment. This essay basically introduces you to the HR manager who is in charge of filling the open position. In it, you can include why you want the job and what unique skills or advantage you will bring to the company.

Curriculum Vitae – Latin for “course of life,” this is sometimes requested by companies as an alternative to a resume, mostly for the academic and medical industries. A curriculum vitae is more comprehensive in a lot of ways. It includes your education, job history, special skills, all in a greater depth that you would find in most resumes.

What Jobs can a Bachelor in Computer Science Get?

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

There are lots of jobs in Computer Science all over the globe.  You can work remotely in places as you can see that it is on your computer screen!  (Thanks to IBM’s new business mode)!  Other areas are hardware and software development.  You need to ask yourself a few good questions.  Even the guys who made Angry Birds were guys who have a sense about software and technology. 


iPhone and iPad apps are up and coming.   Look into that~!  Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself about what areas of Computer Science jobs do you want or think in this venue. 


1) What am I good at?

2) Do I want to work for a big company or not?  Small are good. 

3) Work on iPhone apps or classical software firms?

4) Where will you get an advanced degree?  (i.e. as more advanced degrees come with CS majors, jobs and career-tracking towards management.)


I hope that helps you!




Looking for a Research Analyst, temporary part-time assistance at Padilla…

Thursday, January 12th, 2012


Looking for a Research Analyst, temporary part-time assistance at Padilla…

Padilla Speer Beardsley is looking for an analyst to join its in-house communication research team and work three to four days a week for one to two months. Projects include large-scale opinion and attitude surveys, qualitative studies to develop messages and campaigns, and marketing research work for brand and product development.

The analyst will participate in planning and executing projects, including the selection of research and analytical methods; the writing of questionnaires; the preparation of tables and charts; and the writing of final reports. The analyst will also assist with writing research proposals; managing projects and budgets; providing day-to-day oversight and client contact on research projects.

To be considered the candidate must have a minimum of five-to-seven years experience in a research-related field and a Master’s or Doctorate degree with research thesis in a social science or related field. The analyst needs a working knowledge of descriptive and multivariate statistical techniques and experience with analytical software such as SPSS and Excel. The ideal candidate will have excellent communication, writing and relationship-building skills. The analyst also must be experienced in conducting library research with online databases and synthesizing results into written reports.

Job Searching in 2012

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Tenet 1: show off yourself.  Tell them what you’ve done, and don’t be shy.

Tenet 2: connect creatively with HR and managers.  Think outside the HR box.  It has to be done in this modern web 2.0 day-and-age.

Tenet 3: echo your skills.  Tell others about what you are good at.  It might lead to a job via a simple conversations over drinks.