What Jobs can a Bachelor in Computer Science Get?

There are lots of jobs in Computer Science all over the globe.  You can work remotely in places as you can see that it is on your computer screen!  (Thanks to IBM’s new business mode)!  Other areas are hardware and software development.  You need to ask yourself a few good questions.  Even the guys who made Angry Birds were guys who have a sense about software and technology. 


iPhone and iPad apps are up and coming.   Look into that~!  Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself about what areas of Computer Science jobs do you want or think in this venue. 


1) What am I good at?

2) Do I want to work for a big company or not?  Small are good. 

3) Work on iPhone apps or classical software firms?

4) Where will you get an advanced degree?  (i.e. as more advanced degrees come with CS majors, jobs and career-tracking towards management.)


I hope that helps you!







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