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This Is How to get A Federal Job

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Jason Stauffacher

First of all you have to know where the jobs are.  In a recent survey it was found in a survey by that the top city for jobs in
the entire United States is Washington D.C.  Here are the top ten in order listed with how many jobs are
available per 1000 residents:

1. Washington, DC – 133 (postings per 1,000 people)

2. Baltimore, MD – 90

3. San Jose, CA – 80

4. Austin, TX – 56

5. Hartford, CT – 54

6. Seattle, WA – 53

7. Salt Lake City, UT – 52

8. Denver, CO – 50

9. Boston, MA – 49

10. Las Vegas, NV – 49

(Charlotte, NC, also with 49 postings per 1,000 residents, takes the eleventh
spot on the list.)

So the first step, if you will do anything to get a Federal job, is to look in
these areas for employment. This doesn’t mean there aren’t jobs in other
cities, it only means these are the cities with the most jobs.  Step two: visit the governments website  Here you will find every job (well
almost every job) open in the federal government. There are other places to
look but this is the website that lists the vast majority of the positions

When you see a position you qualify for study the announcement very closely, if
there is something you do not quite understand, you can call one our great
specialists at at 1-800-818-1355.

Now Pick 1 or 2 or 3 positions you would like to apply for.  Once you have decided which positions
you will apply for it is time to get your federal resume in order and
supplemental documents written and submitted.

I will be frank with you here, you can try to wrestle through this process
yourself, and believe me the preparation of a Federal government application
package is difficult and tediously detailed work. Or you can have a
professional resume writer do it for you. 
Try your hand at it and see if you can do it, or if you need a professional’s
hand at it as well.

That ultimately is your decision, but I strongly suggest that you hire a
professional to bounce ideas and concerns off of. The main reason is that these
positions are very competitive, hundreds of people apply for them and you have
to do all you can to make sure that you are one of the ones that gets called in
for the all important interview.

There is no substitute for a real experienced writer you can have at your
finger-tips, but read the full Federal announcement, and see what I am talking
about.  It’s a lot of information
to do and perform.


professional writer knows the correct words to use they know the correct forms
to use, they know and are very familiar with all the  procedures and rules
associated with the federal application process.

Look at
your application requirements and if you are serious about this process, you
can start the work and see what the extent of the work can and will be.  Then again you can try it on your own.
But when you don’t get called do not “fool yourself” and make up some
reason that you didn’t get called, there are only 2 reasons:

a. Someone actually read through your entire resume package, the supplemental
documents KSA’s or ECQ’s or PTQ’s and then determined that you weren’t
qualified. That doesn’t usually happen because most people apply for jobs they
are not qualified for.  That’s a
basic idea.  Too many apply for a
job they are not really qualified for.


b. The
hiring committee never saw your resume in the first place because it never made
it through the initial steps to get to the step where a real person actually
got to see the documents. In other words your package wasn’t written correctly
because it did not have all the right key words on it!

Note from Susan about her job and resume….

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012


I only applied for one job outside of Target.  I got the job!!!  I was laid off from Target on November 30th, and one week later I was offered the job.  God Blessed me on my job search, and you were part of his answer to my prayers.  Thank you for your help.  I passed on your name to four people from Target, I hope they were smart enough to contact you.

Thanks again,