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What to say when giving a hiring manager my resume?

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

by Jason Stauffacher


Q: Okay, I applied online at this store but I’m going to turn in my resume tomorrow morning. What should I say to the hiring manager when I take my resume and CV in? Should I ask for an interview or just give it to her and leave?


A: This is a great opportunity to do for a walk-talking interview without setting a proper interview time with HR.  And that may lead to a fast job offer than the other route of waiting for the response email or call on the phone.  Your are putting your body in front of the potential employeer and showing your stuff. 

I like to call this a ‘baby-step interview,’ and you need to dress and submit your resume like you are going to a REAL interview, mind you.  You are not just dropping off your resume, and maybe something will happen.  First of all, you don’t know who will be there, if the hiring manager will be in or the HR Director had a bad day and just wants to get this job filled ASAP.  That would be to your benefit.  So it’s just not going in and dropping it off your nicely printed off resume.  You need to ask to speak to someone who is related to the job.  Most, I would say up to 90% of applications are done by email now.  You need to do this and fast, as others are sending in their resumes and emails as fast as I am typing this Q&A response.  Ultimately, you really are short-listing yourself and making the process far easier for HR and putting the show on for yourself.  And this is a great way of getting things done in your career.

Here is a Twitter way of saying this: @RazorResume Dropping your rez off gets you in the door faster than just an email.  Who knows who’s watching when you walk in that door.

Job Searching in 2012

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Tenet 1: show off yourself.  Tell them what you’ve done, and don’t be shy.

Tenet 2: connect creatively with HR and managers.  Think outside the HR box.  It has to be done in this modern web 2.0 day-and-age.

Tenet 3: echo your skills.  Tell others about what you are good at.  It might lead to a job via a simple conversations over drinks.

Hiring in December

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Hiring in December

There seem to be a lot of strange ideas that because of the recession, companies will not be hiriing this holiday season. You may hear some job seekers mumbling that “hiring will be worse this December”.

You know what?

That is complete bunk… It isn’t true!

Most individuals in the employment field : Recruiters, Hiring managers, HR personnel, are totally aware that this December is not going to be any different than the rest of the year. Yes we have a recession, but the outlook for next year is that it will definitely be a better year all around.  Employers are looking for new employees that can start immediately after New Years.

Let’s get rid of these pesky holiday job search rumors:

Rumor Number 1: Companies don’t hire during the holidays.

Truth: Yes the Holidays are extra busy and stressful but companies hire ( big time) in December:  Why?

(A) Companies need to use up the funds in their budget or they lose it next year.
(B) Hiring managers need to tie up loose ends with unfilled positions before the end of the year.
(C) Some Employees tend to quit their jobs  around the holidays.  Why?

They have job offers but don’t want to quit before they get their…yes…you got it …BONUS!
This means end-of-year job openings that must be filled fast.

Rumor Number 2: There aren’t any good jobs available During the Holidays.

Truth: (Reread Truth number 1 above) Your chances of finding a job in December are as good as in any other month. Hiring is the end result of a need; not time of year!  In fact waiting until after the 1st of January can set you back.

Rumor Number 3:  Don’t bother looking for a job the middle of December.

Truth: The interview process does not stop because of the Holidays. You may need to be more flexible,but the more available you make yourself the better your chances . Other candidates will make the mistake of thinking they should wait until after the first of the year and so you can stroll on in, show your initiative and personal drive and land the job of your dreams.

Truth: At the risk of repeating myself, it is a perfect time to send out your Resume. With job seekers going on vacation and employees quitting their jobs, Recruiters hiring managers and employers are under the gun trying to find qualified employees. Take advantage of this scenario and send out your professional resume in volume.

Padilla is looking to hire a Director of Research and Insights.

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Padilla is looking to hire a Director of Research and Insights.

Director of Research and Insights, Minneapolis
Padilla Speer Beardsley, an integrated communications firm based in Minneapolis with an office in New York, is seeking an experienced research director to lead our in-house research team.
Candidates must have:
• Expertise in market research, opinion research and/or account planning.
• Exceptional written and verbal communications skills.
• Business development skills, including the ability to write proposals, manage client relationships and present our research capabilities.
• Minimum of 10 years’ experience in a research-related field, and an advanced degree with research or related emphasis.
• Demonstrated ability to manage and execute all phases and types of research, using primary and secondary methods, and qualitative and quantitative techniques.
• Experience supervising and managing a research team.
• A working knowledge of descriptive and multivariate statistical techniques, and experience with analytical software such as SPSS and Excel.

Key responsibilities include:
• Actively managing research projects, including selection of research and analytical methods, study design, data analysis and preparation of strategic recommendations.
• Building strong relationships with internal partners and external clients.
• Managing project budgets and work quality.
• Seeking new business and networking opportunities.
• Analyzing data and generating insights to represent the voice of the target customer to drive positioning, marketing strategies and branding.
• Participating in new business pitches.

To be successful in this position, the candidate must be able to prioritize multiple demands on his/her time, while effectively managing staff and leading clients.

This leader will be expected to grow and support existing research clients by consistently delivering excellent client service, and meeting research challenges on time and within budget. We measure progress by client retention, revenue growth and business development.

Padilla is a multispecialty firm with experts in integrated marketing communications, corporate reputation, investor relations, employee communications and crisis/critical issues management. We serve clients from a variety of industries, including agriculture, consumer products, financial services, health care, manufacturing, retail and technology. All areas of the firm draw upon the capabilities of our research team.